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7 june 2023

We had the privilege of being invited by Expertise France to Athens to present our European project on the cost of virility. Our project is supported by our association, Genre et Statistiques, aiming to shed light on the economic implications of Virility. 
We had the honor of sharing our findings with European officials responsible for equality.

During our presentation, we discussed: 
    - Our innovative method for estimating the costs associated with virility
    - Our estimation results for France, Italy, and Switzerland (thanks to the work of Rethinking Economics
    - A set of actionable proposals for adapting public policies to address the issue of masculinity and reduce violence
    - Our method for evaluating these public policies using a battery of indicators based on the costs of virility.

Recognizing that violence is not inevitable, our goal is to equip society with effective tools to tackle this problem head-on. 

We firmly believe that it is time to stop paying the price of virility and work towards a safer and more pacific society. 
Violence should never be the norm, and together, we can make a difference.

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Conférence Européenne: À propos de nous
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